Monday, 7 February 2011

A groundbreaking Social CRM tool from Underwired

Until recently driving traffic to Facebook pages was the equivalent to old-style viral or word of mouth marketing, using it as a venue for people to engage with a brand. The evaluation of a campaign’s success was based on inference rather than end-to-end tracking – indicated by click-through rates, sentiment scores, mentions, ‘likes’ or Facebook transactions. However until now there has been no simple way of linking prompted Facebook activity to an individual customer’s record.

My company, Underwired, has just launched an sCRM tool which allows address-level tracking, the holy grail of social strategies. It closes the loop between the outbound customer journey and subsequent engagement, bringing relevant data back into the eCRM database. Underwired sCRM allows brands to employ social as part of a fully tracked eCRM programme that never loses sight of an engaged customer.

Underwired sCRM enables brands to capture social data, including an individual’s clicks on ‘like’ and ‘comment’ buttons, external links and video content (including how long they watch it for), photo upload, post and share with friends functions. For example, this means that customers who don’t spend much but have huge social influence can be identified and messaged appropriately, leveraging their real value. For the first time marketers can add an Advocacy dimension to their segmentation.

Making address-level tracking a reality solves an epic challenge for digital marketers, allowing them to pinpoint exactly who is doing what in their brand’s social channels and identify – and properly target – their most active brand advocates.

Social behavioural insight will be critical for marketers in 2011. By building Underwired sCRM into Underwired’s four week audit process, we can now include Facebook as an intrinsic part of a brand’s eCRM and email marketing campaigns. It means we can remove the final remaining blind spots in tracking ROI for online campaigns.

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